About Us

Up The Reds came out of BOSS. Our inspiration comes from on and off the pitch. We do clothing for Kopites. From Liverpool, for Liverpool.

We'd never sell something we wouldn't wear ourselves and we'll always strive to deliver. After all, if we didn't, you know where to find us!

Our stock sits in our warehouse and we aim to despatch as quickly as we can. We're proud of the fan culture at LFC and we're proud to work with the likes of 1906, Spirit of Shankly. It gives us no greater pleasure to see people at the match wearing our gear.

Manager's Notes

I reckon the best thing you can do in life is be genuine and that's at the core of Up The Reds. We're genuine match goers offering products inspired by Liverpool FC, on and off the field, that we'd genuinely wear. 

Back in 2007 I started the LFC fanzine BOSS Mag. That morphed into BOSS Night. Along the way I launched the clothing site Distant Echo, a favourite amongst football fans across Europe which then spawned off another brand Steeple Pine

Up The Reds came about in the middle of it all. It was a natural move. The people I worked with on all these projects were living and breathing Liverpool FC every (other?) Saturday. Through the match, the mag and the events we were putting on.

There's loads out there that push unofficial LFC merchandise but I honestly believe we're different. We're not a fly-by night operation doing print on demand. We're not some random firm thousands of miles away pinching designs and selling them on eBay.

We're Scouse match-goers making stuff for people like us. Our stock sits in our warehouse and we pride ourselves on fast despatch. If there's an issue we don't avoid it. We listen and we are fair. After all, it's our faces on this. If you feel hard done you know where to find us. But I'm sure you won't - trust us.  

Daniel Nicolson
@danielnicolson, Block 306, The Kop.