Men's T-Shirts

We have three types of t-shirt on the site; regular, UTR Classic and Fashion Fit.

Regular: The vast majority of our t-shirts fall into this. If you don't see UTR Classic/Fashion Fit referenced on the product page it will be a regular fit. These are as close to true to fit that we've been able to find. Go for your regular size. These are 100% cotton, 205gsm.

UTR Classic: T-shirts in our UTR Classic category are from the archive and printed as orders come through. We use a slightly different t-shirt here; organic cotton 155gsm. If you are in between sizes go up. If you're normally a large, stay large.

Fashion Fit: Our pre-2019 t-shirts were fashion fit tees that were a little tighter on the body. We have very few of these t-shirts left and they're clearly labelled. If you are in between size or prefer a slightly baggier look we suggest you go a size up in these.

Men's Jumper's/Hoodies

Go for your regular size in these. 

Ladies T-Shirts

Our ladies tees use standard UK high street sizing. Go with your regular size. 

Kids T-Shirts

We go 3-4, 5-6 etc in kids t-shirts up to 11-12. We find most kids will fit within their range. If the child you're buying for is above average height for their age or you want to get extra wear out of it size up (eg. if the kid is 4 in this case go 5-6).